The Most Important Things to Keep Yourself Fit

Our organism needs like 40 kinds of nutrients in order to function properly. The most needed are amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. As we need energy to function and receive it from processing food, our eating habits have great impact on our well being and body shape.

Habits, traditions, taste, cultural and social circumstances fundamentally determine our eating style. To set up a healthy eating habit, we need to focus not only on the basic elements, but also on quality and quantity of the food as well.

In order to keep our body fit and maintain a proper weight, besides the constitution, lifestyle, gender, age and inherited features, we can watch over the daily calorie intake with the help of a Calorie Counter . Whoever systematically consumes more calories than needed, most likely will gain fat in excess.

It is also recommendable to avoid too much stress and noise pollution as it increases tension and hinders the regeneration of the body. In stressful situations the blood pressure increases, the heart beats faster, the respiration is rapid and as the stress hormones are released, a whole chain of reaction takes place in the body. If the cause of the stress is eliminated, the body returns to its normal function. However, if the stress lasts too long and it is not followed by a recharging period, we can get exhausted and serious health problems may occur.

If it is possible do not miss a good night sleep, as during it growth hormones are released to help the tissues to regenerate and the body rests. But as a matter of fact nowadays almost everyone has to live a quite stressful life. You can also reduce the unwholesome effect of this with a healthy diet. This helps your body remain fit and strong and collaterally ease you to develop effective coping techniques with stress.

In order to keep our body fit and to maintain physical condition we need to exercise. Please remember that great physical condition is not always equal to good health but it certainly is a sign of it. If it is possible, choose something you like and what involves and works out all muscles types.

Exercising systematically will result in increased muscle and heart efficiency, improved blood circulation, easier respiration and the elimination of toxic substances will accelerate. We become more agile, flexible, our reflexes will sharpen and our immune system will be more resistant to different illnesses. Personal hygiene is also a base pillar in maintaining health as well as some exams and screenings by a health care provider should be done yearly, depending on age, medical and family history and individual choices. Exams and screenings should include a mammogram every 1-2 years (over 40 years of age); a Pap test every 1-3 years; and checks for blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, vision, dental, diabetes, depression and more.

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